Blue Lace Agate Goddess


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This Goddess pendant is created with Blue Lace Agates and a freshwater pearl.

Blue Lace Agate was discovered by George Swanson in Namibia in the early 1960’s. He nicknamed the stone the “Gem of Ecology” because the similarities of the swirling blues and whites in the stone resembled the clouds above the Earth. The most common type of agate is the fortification agate with its eye-catching banded patterns.

The Goddess arms are represented by a stick pearl. In history the pearl was a symbol of the moon and was believed to have magical powers. The Latin word for pearl literally means “unique”, attesting to the fact that no two pearls are identical.

The goddess is the symbol of the innermost self. She awakens the mind, spirit and emotions. Throughout history the Goddess was seen as the Virgin, mother, warrior, huntress, wife, artist, healer and sorcerer.

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